Monday, July 1, 2013

Excuse me, but do you know this girl?

A lot can change in the course of a year. How much more in roughly 4 years. See, change is like happiness.. it wouldn't happen unless you choose for it to happen.

College moves you and shapes you, if you choose it to or else you'd be stuck in the same place and stance. It teaches you a lot both academically and in life.
If i would travel back in time in some bizarre phenom happening of the universe, and met this Freshmen at the then CBA lobby, i wouldn't have recognized myself. A lot has changed in roughly 4 years: physically, emotionally, spiritually and in experience. (I have learned a lot, too.) It's as if your world has done a 180 backflip, then felt it wasn't contented and did a double somersault. The phasing of change seemed to surprise me as well. The sudden switch in myself every semester. I wasn't the same person as i was every last semester, because i chose to. I am the type of person that embraces change and i wouldn't want to be seen as the same Abi that they were around with for the last couple of months only to find the same one after a couple of weeks. Its either i change my hair, buy new stuff, change my makeup routine or whatever. I hate boring. And this characteristic of me loving change does not apply to just myself, but also to the course i've chosen. See, one of the reasons i chose to take up Marketing is because creativity is essential in it. We are required to constantly think about something new in order to keep the target market interested and to keep competition up there. So, everyday is a different day at the workplace. I just hope i indeed find and get a marketing job when i graduate. Anyway, back to the main topic...
Life hits you with punches out of nowhere and its up to you on how would you handle the force. It's either you dodge, or take the punch and get right back up. Life has given me some pretty hard punches inside the 4 and a half years and left me with bruises and scars called life lessons. 
It's funny when i look at old pictures saved here on my laptop and thought 'wow did i really look like that back then?'. Here's proof of the "change" i've been talking about..

*I haven't added a new recent picture of myself to this. I've recently cut my hair shorter :). oh well, on another blog entry perhaps.

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